Wedding Contract


Your first payment, a non-refundable retainer fee of $200.00 is due upon your execution of this Agreement. The balance of all payments is due 10 days before the wedding date, subject to any additions as provided in this agreement. Payments hereunder may be made at any time before the 10th day prior to the wedding.


Weddings that require travel by Michael Butler Photographer will be determined by Michael Butler Photographer on a case-by-case basis and the fees and expenses associated with such travel will be agreed to as part Pricing List.


In order to reserve Michael Butler Photographer for a wedding date, the bride and groom must agree to this Wedding Photography Agreement and pay the nonrefundable Retainer.  By agreeing to this Agreement, the bride and groom agrees to be legally obligated to all the terms herein. This Agreement is only valid after execution of this Agreement by Michael Butler Photographer.  The bride and groom shall each be jointly and severally liable under this Agreement for the obligations of the bride and groom hereunder.

Pricing reflected in this Agreement is guaranteed for 30 days from our first meeting/contact about your wedding date.  If this Agreement is changed or updated, or pricing changes after such 30 day period you will need to enter into the then-current Agreement to retain the services of MBP.

Michael Butler Photographer will not photograph any homosexual couple and reserves the right to refuse to photograph any wedding for any reason. Doing so would directly contradict my religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.

In order for Michael Butler Photographer to complete your wedding photographs in a timely manner, it is absolutely necessary that everyone be ready at their prearranged times.  This includes having travel arrangements made, having the church or temple open, and your flowers ready and available for your portrait time.

In order to eliminate any confusion on the day of the wedding, Michael Butler Photographer will be the only professional photographer at the event. In no event shall client consult, contract with or engage any other professional photographer for the purposes of covering the wedding or any other event covered by this Agreement. Family members with cameras are allowed to photograph the wedding day under the intent for personal use only. Any person who desires to photograph agrees to not reproduce with the intent of profit or undercutting Michael Butler Photographer. Family and friends are allowed to photograph posed portraits off to the side. In the instance that family and friends hinder Michael Butler Photographer performing the tasks agreed upon or undercuts the work and profit of Michael Butler Photographer, the photographer is not obligated to continue to photograph until person or persons have been informed of this Agreement. In the case that the family or friend photographing continues to photograph after being informed of the contract, Michael Butler Photographer will cease any photography until the bride, groom, or wedding coordinator insures that the family or friend ceases his/her photographing.

Due to the rapid pace and unpredictable nature of wedding photography, Michael Butler Photographer does not guarantee the delivery of any requested or expected photograph.

No refunds shall be made for services and goods provided based upon the client’s dissatisfaction with such style of photography.  The clients acknowledge and agree that the style of photography provided hereunder is artistic, candid, and documentary with minimal posed portraits.

Michael Butler Photographer shall not be liable for its delay in performing or failure to perform under this Agreement as a result of any circumstances.